Motoburner started with a simple love for motorcycling. Our philosophy is simply ‘whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone’. If you are living your life at the edge, the speed and adrenalin that makes you alive or simply you just wanna ride the safest possible way. Whatever it is, take a look around you. You only gotta live once and you could mean a great deal more then you can imagine to your loves one.

As a rider we understood your needs. We experience ourself and feel it the first place before we tell you anything. As a kid we grew up watching Rossi and we see the evolution of the motorcycling industry and the sport itself. We want to inspire you to ride and to appreciate your passion. Most of our products offer state of the art technology that is being developed at the very top end of MOTOGP.

Setup in 2014, young but we are growing. Our dream is to experience the best motorcycle gear known to man. An avid supporter of MOTOGP as well as other motor sport. We understand the important of safety and strive to provide the latest in-trend safety gears. Trust us, we know the bad feeling of waiting for the new toys so we will try our very best in all situation. Supplied by European and local based distributors depending on situation.

Motoburner is a place of passion. We are in because we simply love what we do. Your support gave us the resources and energy to give back to the motorcycling community and to make the scene more exciting. Talk to us just about anything about motogear.