Helmet buying guide

  • The right helmet will save your life.
  • A new helmet which fits too comfortably may not be the right size as inner paddings get thinner over prolonged usage. A new helmet should be moderately tight but not to the extent that it hurts.
  • Many types of helmets in the market are designed for certain usage, i.e : Sports, Touring, Off-road, Street, Modular, Racing etc.
  • Some brands are rounder and some are more oval shaped.
  • A helmet that is the wrong shape will cause pressure points on your forehead (too round) or the sides of your head (too oval).
  • Consider the law and safety standard in your respective country.

   PSB (Singapore)

   JPJ/SIRIM (Malaysia)

   SNI (Indonesia)

   TIS (Thailand)

   ECE (Europe)

   DOT (USA)

  • Consider the type of usage and features that You Want, i.e : Noise filtering, Weight, High-speed, Ventilation, Comfort, and many others.
  • Know your priorities and we will be able to help you to the fullest.
  • Lastly drop by our store. See it, feel it and test it.